Glimses From The Past

From the Glenwood Herald June 17, 1915

Rev. H. Soltau on account of his poor health has resigned as pastor of the Glenwood Methodist Church and will for the next year follow farming on his forty acre farm near Barnum, Minn.  Rev Soltau preached his farewell sermon a week ago last Sunday.  In the 18 months of his pastorate the church has prospered and Mr. and Mrs. Soltau have made a host of friends that regret to see them leave Glenwood and hope that he will have a speedy recovery of his health.  Rev. Geo. A. Hanna, who for the past four years has been engaged in the newspaper business in Paynesville and Annandale, Minn., has been appointed to fill out the conference year.  Rev. Hanna has had eleven years’ experience in the pastorate in the southern part of the state.

The Herald has contracted for the exclusive use in this county for the coming year, beginning with next week, of a series of cartoons to be drawn by Charles L. Bartholomew, known as Bart, formerly cartoonist for the Minneapolis Journal.

Col. E.F. Green had his hand hurt severely while fishing one day last week.  He was landing a fine bass, when his line broke off.  He grabbed for the fish and the hook caught in his hand.  The hook was removed and the hand will be incapacitated for a short time.

Your attention is called to the notice by Chief of Police Bogie announcing that laws governing automobile traffic within the city limits will be strictly enforced hereafter.  A number of complaints about speeding and reckless driving have been made to him.  In the interest of public safety he wants the co-operation of the citizens and particularly of automobile drivers in this matter.  He expects to have the assistance of another police officer in his efforts to stop reckless driving.

Dr. and Mrs. C.A. Fjelstad left Monday morning for Munsing, Mich., where Dr. Fjelstad was called as a witness in a case against the Soo Railroad.

All the counties that voted on the saloon question Monday returned majorities for the drys.  These counties are Wright, Meeker, Wadena, Pennington, Marshall, Big Stone, and Pope.  This action on the part of the voters will result in the closing of seventy two saloons.

P.S. Finden is having an enforced vacation from his duties at the Kroonblawd tailorshop, paused by a broken collar bone which he sustained in a friendly scuffle.

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