Glimpses From The Past

From the Glenwood Herald August 26, 1915

The outside work on the new [Cyrus] bank is fast nearing completion and it is now quite evident that the owners and people of this community will have one of the niftiest little banks in the country. All we need now to Make Cyrus a sure ‘nough metropolis is a nice two story brick hotel building, an up-to-date garage, an electric light plant, water works system, some more cement walks and few minor improvements, all which will be forthcoming at some future date.

The Plymouth Brethren have made extensive improvements on their house of worship in Lowry.  They have constructed a basement under the church, which they will use for Sunday school and other similar purposes. Several hundred dollars have been expended and church and grounds will be improved very much when the work gets done.

Forada beat Lowry 6 to 4 last Sunday in the closest game played on the home grounds this year. The fielding of the local team was far from errorless and they did not seem to be able to hit McClellan safely. This is the second game Lowry has lost in eleven played this year.

At a meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers Elevator Association last Wednesday it was voted to purchase the Atlantic Elevator. They intend to have both houses open during the busy season, because either one is not large enough to handle all the grain. The farmers will take possession of it this week and Robert Hume will be in charge. Mr. Erickson who has been manager for the Atlantic here for several years will go to Sedan where he will run an elevator for the same company.

I.M. Engebretson sold his Ford to Geo. Jurgenson and purchased a new Dodge auto from J.J. Hagstrom.

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