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City of Glenwood Approves Tax Levy

Glenwood commission approves final tax levy

After a brief Truth in Taxation hearing, Glenwood City Commissioners last Tuesday approved the final levy and budget for 2016. 
The approved budget and levy remained unchanged from the preliminary budget approved on Nov. 10.   The general fund was set at $1,200,118, with a tax abatement (Midwest Machinery) at $9,810, bringing the total property tax levy to $1,209,928.    That’s an increase of about 6 percent over the 2015  budget and levy.  
That means the city’s levy has increased about 10 percent since 2014.
Mike Holland was the only city property owner to voice a concern at the city’s Truth in Taxation hearing, which lasted only 10 minutes.  Holland told commissioners that his property value did increase by about $100,000 due to construction, but said he didn’t undertand how that added value could increase the city portion of his taxes by 56 percent.  “The math just doesn’t make sense,” Holland told the commission.  “I can understand 25 to 30 percent, because the value went from $300,000 to $400,000, but not 56 percent.”
Holland was told that there are a number of factors that go into figuring property tax and City Administrator Dave Iverson said he should “check with the county assessor’s office” to make sure there wasn’t an error.  The city now contracts with the county to do its residential and business assessments, Iverson said.
Commissioner Todd Gylsen questioned money in the “capital funds” for the ice rink and the beach, since the city doesn’t operate an ice rink at this time.
Glenwood Public Works Director Dave Perryman said the city has been and is continuing to put money away for a new building at the city’s beach.
“So we’re socking money away for a future project?  That makes sense,” Gylsen said.

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Community Comes Together For Thanksgiving Dinner

434 gather for free Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving 250The annual free Thanksgiving dinner, held at Minnewaska Area High School, went off without a hitch on Nov. 26 thanks to the many volunteers who make the dinner possible. According to one of the dinner’s organizers, Audrey Erickson, meals served for the day topped out at 434. Of those, 252 were served at the school and 182 were delivered to homes throughout the community.
 Pictured, volunteers were geared up and ready to dish up meals along the school’s cafeteria serving line.  Community members had a chance to enjoy good food and good company. Below, volunteers offered rides from the parking lot to the door, making it easy for community members to get inside and out of the cold.

Photo by Marta Johnson

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Starbuck Clinic welcomes new family nurse practioner

The Starbuck Clinic and Stevens Community Medical Center would like to introduce and welcome back Kayla Bowers to the Starbuck community.  Kayla is a family nurse practitioner that joined the Starbuck Clinic in August.  

Kayla (Kennedy) Bowers is the daughter of Bill and Marlene Kennedy, and the granddaughter of Franklin and Marvel Braaten (Dahlseng) and Byrdella and LeRoy (Carol) Kennedy, all of Starbuck. She has one younger brother, Derek Kennedy, who also continues to live and work in the Starbuck community.  
Kayla was not only born and raised in Starbuck community, but she was actually delivered by her now colleague, Dr. Bösl. Bowers said, “It is a pretty rare opportunity in this day and age to be able to work with and learn from the doctor that delivered you! It just shows how lucky the Starbuck community is to have a doctor that remains so committed to keeping healthcare in our community.”

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Meth Likely Invoved In Laura Schwendemann Death

"...toxicology revealed a significant presence of methamphetamine..."

Though the cause and manner of death have been officially deemed “undetermined” by the Midwest Medical Examiner, 18-year-old Laura Ann Schwendemann of Starbuck likely died of methamphetamine ingestion, according to the autopsy report.

The man who was last seen with Schwendemann, 21-year-old Nickolas McArdell of Starbuck, will be charged with a gross misdemeanor for concealing the location of her body. Douglas County Attorney Chad Larson said
McArdell will not be prosecuted for causing Schwendemann's death because the evidence does not support it.

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Andreas Returns To Roy Hobbs League World Series

Starbuck's Own Returns To Roy Hobbs League World Series

The team, the Minnesota Web Gems, was made up of Michael Andreas (Starbuck), Michael Adelman (Graceville), Bill Aho (Cokato), Michael Jeseritz (Litchfield), Roger Jeseritz (Kerkhoven), Jay Magnuson (Willmar), Scott Marquardt (Litchfield), Darrin Ogdahl (Spicer), Herman Solomon Jr. (Willmar), Nathan Winter (St. Joseph) Jason Fisher (Cottonwood), Mike Nagel (Olivia) and Jeff Asche (Raymond).

The Web Gems again played in the Veterans Division, made up of men 35 and over. The Web Gems played seven games, winning three, and losing four, one being a playoff game.

The Web Gems were lucky enough to play three stadium games this year. The games were played at historic Terry Park, the Boston Red Sox Jet Blue Stadium, as well as the Minnesota Twins Hammond Stadium, the site where the Twins play their spring training games.
Photo by Erika Andreas

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Pope County Hwy 41 Junction Completed

Pope County Hwy 41 Junction Completed
Pope County in conjunction with MnDOT has completed the dangereous departure from hwy 29 to Pope County hwy 41 that leads to the State Park.  The dangereous curve that made many a motorist nervous going to Glacial Lakes State Park has been cut off and MnDOT has placed a by pass lane and a turning lane to the park for traffic heading south on Hwy 29.  Please note pictures below.  Click Photo to enlarge.
Hwy41 SoView 250 Hwy41 NoView 250
View driving South on Hwy 29 from Starbuck View coming from the Park on Hwy 41


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Hanson And Thorfinnson Make State Tennis Birth

Hanson and Thorfinnson make state

The Minnewaska duo of senior Makenna Hanson and junior Joelle Thorfinnson won the Section 6A doubles title for the second straight year on Tuesday at Fitness Evolution in St. Cloud.

Hanson and Thorfinnson cruised past MACCRAY seniors Alicia Ervin and Anne Sandry 6-1 6-0 in the championship match.

In the semifinals, Hanson and Thorfinnson beat Benson’s doubles duo of senior Kelsey Rajewsky and junior Katie Samuelson in straight sets.

Thorfinnson played most of the year at #1 singles while Hanson most often was paired with Annika Pederson at #1 doubles. The two paired their talents for another trip to the state tournament.

MACCRAY senior Amber Wieberdink defeated Minnewaska eighth-grader Danielle Thorfinnson 6-2 6-2 in the third-place match.

The Lakers play Crookston in the opening round of the state tournament in team play. Hanson and Thorfinnson will play their opening match of the state tournament on Thursday against a doubles team from Lake City.  
Photos by Mark Beasley

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