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Ray Holten Honored At Baseball Game

Holten honored posthumously at baseball game

On Saturday, July 4, Carol Holten and her daughters Leisha, Shelly and Terri went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They were invited by the Cedar Rapid Kernels Baseball team (which is a Minnesota Twins Minor League Team) to attend the game and participate in the second annual Military Heroes Recognition Night. Ray Holten was nominated and was one of 35 selected military heroes to be honored at a ceremony immediately following the baseball game. Those honored are currently serving, have served but are no longer active and eight (including Ray) were honored posthumously.
With the stands full of people gathered for the game, all of the military families were escorted on to the field for a special ceremony. Each military hero was honored over the PA system and a brief bio was read. All of the families received a deck of cards showcasing each military member with their picture and a short recap of their life.
After the ceremony as they were escorted off the field, each family was given a handmade patriotic quilt. Carol said the patriotism felt throughout the stadium was very evident as the crowd in the stands never stopped clapping during the ceremony. It was an emotional and wonderful experience and one Ray’s family will never forget.
Ray Holten served in the US Military from 1954-1958 and also served in the Korean War.

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GHS Class Of ‘45 Holds 70th Reunion

GHS Class of ‘45 holds 70th reunion

45ReunionEvery year, the remaining Glenwood High School classmates of ’45 meet to talk about life and perhaps to reminisce over the years gone by. Here are a few recollections from a few of the classmates:
Ruth Stepan remembers walking to Nora Ruhn’s house for piano lessons every day from school—except during winter.

Evelyn Swenson remembers a time when she was supposed to check the bread from home ec, but when she got to the room to take it out of the oven, the teacher had already taken it out.

Grace Riggers recalled enjoying her home ec and English classes the most, and liked everyone in her class.
Russell Kneeland shared a story about the time he almost left the classroom. His teacher, Mr. Graves, had put everyone in a line and was going down the line asking each person a question. If they didn’t know the answer, the next person had to answer that same question. There was one question that two people in front of Kneeland hadn’t gotten, so when the same question came to him, Kneeland started to walk out of the classroom. When asked where he was going, Kneeland replied, “I’m going to home room because I don’t know the answer.” He had to stay in the classroom however.

Another great memory for the class of ’45 is the fact that the football team went undefeated that year. The players during that year received a football charm with the date to commemorate the great season.
Photo by Marta Johnson

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2015 Waterama Royalty

New Royalty chosen

WateramaRoyaltyThe 2016 Waterama Royalty were chosen over the weekend with Karissa LaMont (center), daughter of Bob and Sandra LaMont of Villard, being crowned Waterama Queen. Her First Princess is Mason Schlief, daughter of Sadie and Kevin Schlief of Lowry (left) and the Second Princess is Mary Wuollet, (right) daughter of Michelle Murray and John Wuollet of Glenwood.

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Lake Amoeba Should Be No Need To Panic

Lake amoeba should be no need to panic

Horizon Public Health called a meeting on July 8 to get a message out to area residents and visitors: There is no reason to panic.

The meeting, attended by local law enforcement, city officials from Glenwood and Starbuck, local media, representatives of Glacial Ridge Health System, emergency responders, and other community leaders was in response to a report issued July 7 by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) that it was investigating a case of suspected primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM) in a critically ill teen who later died at the University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis, according to reports.  

PAM is a very rare and severe brain infection caused by an amoeba called Naegleria fowleri. Health officials determined that 14-year-old Hunter Boutain of Alexandria developed the infection after swimming at Lake Minnewaska.  

He was being treated for a suspected case of primary amebic meningoencephalitis when he died.  There were details about a head injury that may have made the youth more susceptible to the amoeba and thus the PAM infection, it was reported by the family on caringbridge.com.

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Glenwood Rotary Celebrates 50th Year Of Service

Glenwood Rotary Celebrates 50th Year Of Service

It was June 24, 1965 when the Glenwood Rotary Club was started, and today’s members and guests celebrated the anniversary with a banquet and special program 50 years from the day of that first Rotary gathering in Glenwood.
President Jeffrey Ozanne presided over the program at Lakeside Ballroom, which attracted nearly 100 Glenwood Rotarians and guests as well as a number of visiting and past Rotarians.
Dennis Martinson gave the keynote address as the only charter member of Glenwood Rotary who is still active in the club.  The club also honored Bill Ogdahl, who has been a member of Glenwood Rotary since 1971 and served as president of the club in 1978.  Ogdahl was given the club’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” and accepted it to a standing ovation. (His biography accompanies this story).
Martinson, who attended that first meeting and served on the board and as president of the club in the formative years, focused on the first 10 years of the club, stating that many in attendance are aware of the club’s accomplishments in the recent past.
He said that as he was looking through some of the history of the club, he noticed a song book that Rotarians used when “we actually sang at the meetings.”  

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Starbuck Hires New City Clerk Andrew Langholz

Starbuck hires new City Clerk Andrew Langholz

The City of Starbuck recently hired new City Clerk Andrew Langholz who began his first day of work on Monday, June 8. Here is a little bit about him. Welcome to Starbuck Andrew!
Q. Where are you from?
A. I was born and raised in New Ulm, Minnesota, approximately 140 miles Southeast of Starbuck.
Q. Where did you go to school?
A. I attended New Ulm Senior High, from there I enrolled at Minnesota State University - Mankato for both my Undergraduate and Graduate School. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in May 2013, where I double majored in Ethnic Studies and Urban & Regional Studies and minored in Political Science. I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Urban & Regional Studies, which I plan to complete by May 2016.
Q. What goals do you have for yourself?
A. One long-term goal that I have set for myself is to become a City Administrator and I believe that I’m well on my way to achieving this goal. My coursework in conjunction with my previous experiences at various internships have allowed me to establish a solid foundation in the field of local government. My new position as City Clerk will grant me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in all facets of local government and will only help me in reaching this goal.
Q. What goals do you have for Starbuck?
A. Coming into this position, I will focus on two major goals for the City of Starbuck. First, I would like to bring stability to the City. Not only pertaining to city operations but also creating a stable and welcoming environment for all residents, business owners, and visitors that support the community. My second goal is to help the City of Starbuck prepare for the future. Preparation will take the form of creating a comprehensive plan, updating local ordinances and planning for necessary infrastructure improvements.
Is this your first experience with Starbuck or had you been here before? How do you like the city so far?
This is my first experience in the City of Starbuck. I was able to find a nice apartment and I thoroughly enjoy small town living. I like the fact that everybody knows each other and that everything is within walking distance, these two elements help to foster a strong sense of community.
The two most time consuming hobbies that I currently take part in are golfing and fishing. However, I also enjoy bowling and watching movies in the theater.

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Brang Foundation Awards $58,449 To Projects And Scholarships

Brang Foundation Awards $58,449 To Projects And Scholarships

The Personal Trustees of the Gladys Ness Brang Foundation met to consider grant applications on May 20. A total dollar amount of $58,449 was committed to the projects and scholarships listed below.

$500 Boy Scouts of America
$3,275 Minnewaska Theatre Arts Association (Production Costs)
$600 Pope County Seniors (July 4th and Halloween)
$1,000 Glacial Hills Elementary School (Backpack Program)
$10,000 Minnewaska Baseball Association (Stadium)
$1,000 City of Starbuck (Police Equipment)
$250 City of Starbuck (Bicycle Rodeo)
$1,000 City of Starbuck (Park and Beach-Youth involvement)
$2,500 City of Starbuck (Beach Supervisor)
$3,000 City of Starbuck (Park Building Improvements)
$2,434 Starbuck Chamber (Inflatables for two events)
$2,000 Starbuck Chamber (Ambassadors)
$2,226 Starbuck Chamber (Building Repair)
$500 Starbuck Chamber (Beach Party)
$1,500 Starbuck Chamber (River City Rhythm Drumline)
$1,500 Starbuck Chamber (Christmas Care)
$2,500 Beautification Committee (New Planters, etc.)
$1,500 Starbuck Depot Society (Garden)
$3,400 Starbuck Depot Society (Shingles on Skoglund Building)
$1,000 Minnewaska Post Prom (Safe Party)
$1,000 Catholic Charities (Foster Grandparent Program)
$800 Someplace Safe (Christmas Extravaganza)
$250 Friendly Garden Club (Beach Gardens)
$1,500 United Way (Dolly Parton Imagination Library)
$3,964 Minnewaska Lutheran Home (Vital Signs Machines)
$2,000 Pope County Historical Society (Ramp)
$450 Glacial Hills Elementary School (Creative Writing Awards)
$2,800 Rainbows and Rhymes Nursery School (Operating expenses)

In addition, four $1,000 scholarships were awarded through the Minnewaska Dollars for Scholars program. 124 graduating seniors have received scholarships since 1986 with a total dollar amount awarded surpassing $109,000.
The Personal Trustees of the Gladys Ness Brang Foundation are Faith Anderson, Tom Beuckens, Carrie Brecht, Mona Gregersen, Matt Pederson, John Samuelson, and Mark Thompson.
The trustees of the Gladys Ness Brang Foundation will meet again in May of 2016 to consider grant applications.

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