Starbuck Hires New City Clerk Andrew Langholz

Starbuck hires new City Clerk Andrew Langholz

The City of Starbuck recently hired new City Clerk Andrew Langholz who began his first day of work on Monday, June 8. Here is a little bit about him. Welcome to Starbuck Andrew!
Q. Where are you from?
A. I was born and raised in New Ulm, Minnesota, approximately 140 miles Southeast of Starbuck.
Q. Where did you go to school?
A. I attended New Ulm Senior High, from there I enrolled at Minnesota State University - Mankato for both my Undergraduate and Graduate School. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in May 2013, where I double majored in Ethnic Studies and Urban & Regional Studies and minored in Political Science. I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Urban & Regional Studies, which I plan to complete by May 2016.
Q. What goals do you have for yourself?
A. One long-term goal that I have set for myself is to become a City Administrator and I believe that I’m well on my way to achieving this goal. My coursework in conjunction with my previous experiences at various internships have allowed me to establish a solid foundation in the field of local government. My new position as City Clerk will grant me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in all facets of local government and will only help me in reaching this goal.
Q. What goals do you have for Starbuck?
A. Coming into this position, I will focus on two major goals for the City of Starbuck. First, I would like to bring stability to the City. Not only pertaining to city operations but also creating a stable and welcoming environment for all residents, business owners, and visitors that support the community. My second goal is to help the City of Starbuck prepare for the future. Preparation will take the form of creating a comprehensive plan, updating local ordinances and planning for necessary infrastructure improvements.
Is this your first experience with Starbuck or had you been here before? How do you like the city so far?
This is my first experience in the City of Starbuck. I was able to find a nice apartment and I thoroughly enjoy small town living. I like the fact that everybody knows each other and that everything is within walking distance, these two elements help to foster a strong sense of community.
The two most time consuming hobbies that I currently take part in are golfing and fishing. However, I also enjoy bowling and watching movies in the theater.

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