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Welcome to MinnewaskaArea.com This website has been created to show the hidden advantages of living and working in the Pope County MN Lakes Area. This site provides visitors and potential job seekers a site to show the potential for employment, great recreation opportunities and various organizations that push Pope County MN to one of the best in the state. Welcome to Pope County MN and we hope you enjoy your stay.
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Glimpses From The Past

2016 marks 150 years of Pope County.


In celebration, we feature articles from all the newspapers published in Pope County in 1916.

Excerpts from the Glenwood Herald, Thursday February 10, 1916.

The convention committee of the commercial club has extended an invitation to the National Valdris Lag to have its stevne in Glenwood next June, and there is a strong probability that the invitation will be accepted. The Valdris Lag is perhaps the best organization of all the Norwegian lags and is said to have the largest membership. Its annual conventions have been held in Minneapolis several years and Glenwood will enjoy the distinction to be the first place outside the cities to entertain the organization of Norwegians hailing from Valdris, provided the invitation which has been extended is accepted as it seems very likely will be done. The officials of the Pope County Valdris Lag will meet in Glenwood February 18th for this purposed stevne. At this meeting representatives of the national organization will be present.

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Notes From The Capital

Monday, Jan. 25, 2016

paul anderson 150Even though the next legislative session doesn’t begin until March 8, the number of meetings is already ramping up. In fact, there is a pre-filing deadline for bill introduction this Wednesday, Jan. 27th. There is a general feeling that, because the session will be so short (eleven weeks), we need to get as much of the introductory work done beforehand as possible.

I have scheduled a series of town hall meetings for this Saturday, Jan. 30. Meetings will be held in Glenwood, Sauk Centre, and Melrose.

Following are the times and locations for the three meetings this coming Saturday.

· Glenwood, 8:30 am. Central Square, Suite 111, 105 2nd Ave. N.E.

· Sauk Centre, 10:30 am. Lynx National Golf Course clubhouse, South Highway 71 at 40204 Primrose Lane

· Melrose, 1:30 pm. Melrose City Center, 225 1st St. N.E.

Residents are invited to attend any one of these sessions to hear an update on legislative activity, in addition to sharing with me their thoughts and ideas. I look forward to visiting with you on Saturday.

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Prep For Annual Polar Plunge

Plan to take the ‘plunge’

It’s a Minnesota thing. Only here would we willingly jump through a hole in the ice into freezing lakes—for a good cause, of course. Winterama 2016 officially hits the ice on Feb. 6, and the annual Polar Plunge, which helps raise funds for Waterama, is looking for as many brave souls as possible to take on the chilly challenge. Jumpers are asked to shoot for $150 in pledges, and family-friendly costumes and skits are encouraged.

Having made the plunge six times, 2015 Waterama Admiral Ted Hill is a veteran of the event. “Overall, the experience can’t be described as cold—I would say that it defies words,” said Hill. “When you take the plunge it steals the breath from your lungs, and clears your head immediately. Then you surface, swim to the ladder and emerge with a certain sense of satisfaction.”

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Glenwood Begins 150th Celebration


No need to change your address—the commemorative street signs installed in the downtown area are there just to remind people that this year the city is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of Glenwood.
Glenwood was first platted in 1866. As with most cities, the streets were identified with “names” rather than numbers, but the city changed to numbers and directions sometime in the 1960s. The only streets that were not changed to numbers were Franklin Street and Minnesota Avenue. Above, Mayor Scott Formo (right) and Glenwood Commissioner Todd Gylsen kicked off the city’s 150th celebration by installing the commemorative street sign for Minnesota Avenue and State Street. The commissioners also provided an agenda and the mayor’s nameplate for the time capsule, which will be filled with items throughout the year and then sealed for 50 years. The time capsule will be at each of the monthly events planned during the year-long celebration. The street signs will also be sold to the highest bidder during an auction that will take place sometime this year.

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Glenwood's 150th Kick Off Party

Fire & Ice Party kicks off Glenwood’s 150th anniversary celebration

The City of Glenwood’s celebration of the 150th anniversary of its founding kicked off with some sparks on Friday.

A Fire & Ice party was hosted by Central Square Cultural and Civic Center, and started out with a marshmallow roast on the historic building’s grounds.

The event was sponsored by the Glenwood Founding 150th committee, which is chaired by Karina Mork. The time capsule, which will be at all of the year’s events, was also at Central Square on Friday night.

The year-long celebration will feature at least one anniversary event each month. The committee also produced a commemorative calendar for 2016 and those calendars are available for sale in Glenwood at Meco 7, the Pope County Tribune, the chamber office, Eagle Bank and at the Pope County Museum. The calendars are just $10 with the proceeds helping to finance the year-long celebration.
Photos by Marta Johnson & courtesy of Sonya Gylsen

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Notes From The Capital

Monday, Dec. 21, 2015

Our part of the state received enough snow last week to give us a “White Christmas.” I must admit, it does look more like the holiday season when the ground is white, but difficult traveling conditions in the aftermath of a snowfall are the downside. I was driving home from Sauk Centre the morning after the snow and lost control of my car for a couple of seconds in the heavy slush on the highway. As my heart rate settled back down again, it was a reminder that we need to re-adjust to winter time and drive according to conditions.


You may have heard news reports lately about federal, low-level drug offenders being released from prison. At first glance, it may seem like a good idea since our prisons are over-crowded, and it would reduce the cost of incarceration. However, according to law enforcement folks I’ve visited with, there is more to this story than we’ve been told in the media. At a recent meeting of the Stearns County Police Chiefs, we were told that some sellers of drugs are among those scheduled to be released. And news reports over the weekend indicated that some with violent criminal records are also among those to be set free.

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Glenwood’s 150th Celebration Becomes Official

Glenwood City Commissioners declared 2016 as the “official 150th anniversary of the founding of Glenwood.”  

That action took place at last Tuesday’s regular city commission meeting after the city had received a proclamation recognizing the 150th anniversary year signed by Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton.

In September, the city commission allocated about $5,000 to kick off fundraising for the celebration, with much of that money going to purchase commemorative signage for street signs in the downtown area.  The money was also used to help fund a 150th anniversary logo and provided support for efforts by a planning committee to begin work on the year-long celebration.  The 150th committee is a subcommittee of the Comprehensive Community Improvement Initiative (CCII).

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